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Over 1.3 million pounds of PCB's were dropped in the Hudson river by GE.

Is President Bush a man of his words?
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Citizens to Cleanup GE repsponse to EPA decision

EPA’s Expected Reversal on Hudson Cleanup Raises National Alarm

Court Orders G.E. To Notify Consumers Of Its Deceptive Practices
Thousands of New Yorkers To Be Fully Compensated for Unnecessary Dishwasher Purchases

PCB's Impact Hudson River Fishing
Report from the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation

Special Editon of the Multinational Monitor: The Case Against GE

Toxics on the Hudson
The Story of GE, PCB's and the Hudson River.

Read the press release announcing the launch of CleanUpGE.org.

Read the Citizens Guide on GE's Legacy of PCB dumping from Toxics Targeting.

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Don Morrison raised his daughter Mary Beth on a farm covered in PCBs.
Walter Hang follows the GE's toxic trail through the Hudson Valley.
Doug Bessette ate fish he caught from PCB waters.


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